Cleaning in Calgary

No matter what kind of commercial property you own, you’re responsible for its maintenance and how it’s
run. For some, that means running the property themselves. For others, it means working with a commercial
property services company.

At Max7, we offer commercial property services, including commercial cleaning, for properties in
the Calgary area. No matter what kind of commercial property you own, give us a call to learn how
we can help you take care of it. We provide commercial cleaning services of all kinds, including residential
complexes, businesses and hotels.

Take a look below at the types of commercial cleaning services we offer, and give us a call at
403-836-7377 to discuss your needs.

Full Property Maintenance Services

We maintain and operate all sizes of condominiums, specializing in high-density condominiums. Our professionally trained and friendly staff are capable of conducting virtually any maintenance need that may arise on a day-to-day basis.

Residential complexes can be difficult to manage. With so many people living in a relatively small space, things can get messy or damaged quickly, and the amount of repairs to make can seem overwhelming. With the help of Max7, you can get the commercial cleaning services you need to keep your condo complex or apartment building in tip-top shape.

In addition to cleaning for residences and common areas, we can perform minor repairs and upkeep such as painting.

Concierge & On-Site Administration Services

On-site management and concierge services are increasingly requested by residents and Property Mangers in Calgary to aid in the day-to-day operation and administration of properties. Our concierge and on-site management services are available in residential and commercial properties to assist tenants and support the overall operation of properties. Our experienced, professional building site managers and concierges are trained in managing all aspects of a high-density building and are committed to working alongside Property Managers to ensure a visible, professional presence is maintained at all times. We provide concierge services in Calgary to many highrise condo residents and corporate clients in the downtown core.

Managing a high-density commercial property doesn’t just include cleaning and maintenance. You also need to keep tabs on visitors, guests and general property goings-on. Our on-site administration services include things like phone programming and delivery management for your building.

Our site managers and concierges work alongside employees and property managers to keep your property running smoothly, whatever that entails.

Janitorial Services

Every condo, regardless of size, needs effective cleaning services. We are dedicated to providing high quality services that maximize the value of your property through friendly, positive and proactive janitorial services. Our cleaning teams are available full or part-time, to manage the day-to-day janitorial requirements required for condominium properties.

Sometimes, you don’t need in-depth management for your property. Professional commercial cleaning services are also available from Max7 that will keep your business clean and tidy whether you need cleaning on a regular or case-by-case basis for your Calgary property.

Our janitorial team is available to handle common areas, recreation facilities including swimming pools and other areas that need general cleaning.


Complete common area cleaning • Custom cleaning tasks • Vacuuming, mopping and polishing floors • Steam cleaning carpets • Carpet spot cleaning/stain removal


Cleaning of guest suites and amenities rooms • Cleaning and sanitizing washrooms • Interior window cleaning • Litter pick up in parkades, parking lots and perimeter • Sweeping, deodorizing and maintaining garbage rooms • Light bulb changes


Intercom system programming • Junk hauling • Light building maintenance • Lawn maintenance and snow removal • Emergency on-call service • Regular site checks and on-site property management support

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